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This is a instructor led, live online class once weekly. The material is taught in stand alone classes so you can join anytime, there is no need to wait for class sequences to start.

Requires the Gleim online quiz software to complete the study assignments to achieve the test endorsement.

We also recommend the Gleim Private Pilot Knowledge test book with the printed chart material. These are required to complete the table and chart assignments.

The cost for the books and software is not included, available separately.


Course Contents

Airplanes and Aerodynamics
Airplane Instruments, Engines, and Systems
Airports, Air Traffic Control, and Airspace
Federal Aviation Regulations
Airplane Performance and Weight and Balance
Aeromedical Factors and Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM)
Aviation Weather
Aviation Weather Services
Navigation: Charts and Publications
Navigation Systems
Cross-Country Flight Planning

The Gleim FAA Test Prep Online contains the study outlines, FAA questions, and on-screen charts and figures you need to study for and pass the FAA Knowledge Test.

Study sessions
Customize practice tests
Expert assistance
Over 760 Multiple-Choice Questions
Unlimited Test Sessions that act like Practice Exams
Includes all previously released FAA questions
Thorough answer explanations for correct AND incorrect choices to cement understanding
Study Session option for immediate feedback
Formatting and functionality emulate the actual exam at the major testing vendors

Technical Specifications

We use Microsoft TEAMS for these meetings. Please ensure your computer / IPAD etc. can display this material.

Live Online Ground School Private Pilot

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A live online ground school class is the ideal way to prepare for your FAA Knowledge Test and your flight training.

Advantages of a live online class:

- you have a set schedule to follow and will stay organized
- having a live instructor led class allows you to ask questions and even request additional tutoring if needed
- the material is presented by the instructor who can adjust the pace of the classes and the material presented
- Students often get frusted and drop out when they are overwhelmed by the material in the books. The online class prepare you step by step.
- Meet fellow students online and interact!
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