The following rates are subject to change.

Cessna 172SP start at $155/$160 per hour.

We have aircraft with visual and audible traffic/terrain warning, touch screen GPS, digital glass cockpit instruments.
180hp fuel injected Lycoming engine, autopilot, latest Garmin touch screen GPS, Garmin G5 glass instruments.
C172SP also available with classic cockpit traditional instruments.

Cessna N and Cessna P models with classic cockpit instruments starting at $130/$135 per hour. These are 160hp carbuereted models.

  • Aircraft for Instrument Rating Flight Training:

    We train according to FAR part 61. FAA approved BATD and customized PC simulators / procedure trainers are extensively used.

  • We recommend using Cessna 172SP aircraft with the Garmin GTN650 and G5 HSI for the instrument rating.

    Learn GPS LPV and LNAV/VNAV, train with touch screen GPS equipped aircraft with traffic and terrain alerts.

    Our flight simulator can be modeled to mirror that setup so you can save hours in the aircraft by practicing in the Procedure Trainer.

  • Rental Aircraft for certificate holders:

    Please inquire regarding rental aircraft and aircraft available for time building.

    Depending on the season there may be special rates available which will help to reduce your cost.

    Renter insurance is required, as well as a comprehensive checkout.

  • How many hours per day can I fly?

    Flying 5 hours each day is quite an ambitious schedule, 3 to 4 per day is probably more comfortable.

    We probably will have aircraft availability for about 3 or maybe 4 hours each day in the summer, but the aircraft would have to be back at our airport each time.

    Renter insurance (mandatory) should cost no more than $650 per year depending on the level coverage. We recommend $100 for liability (the base) and $30,000 for damage coverage. AVEMCO is a good choice.

    The rental rates each summer might increase due to fuel cost, sometimes winter rates are lower.

    There is a cost for the flight instructor to validate your foreign certificate if that applies (flight review), this depends on how many hours you need to complete this.

    The instructor charge is $69/hr, you will at minimum need two to three hours, but if you need more work that could be considerably more.

    Summary for foreign pilots:

    1. Get your pilot certificate authenticated by the FAA


    2. Once you get here we will need your logbook and certificates (US and foreign).

    We will then go through a FAA flight review. You prepare for the knowledge portion right here:


    This is what we will cover:


    3. We will fly with you to complete the flight review and prepare you for the rental. This is NOT a lesson, it's simply verifying your ability. If you need lessons we will schedule these separately and in addition.

    4. Each pilot flying will need the above AND renter insurance

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