California Flight School Instrument Rating

  • Instrument Rating Prerequisites:

    Hold at least a private pilot certificate

    Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language.

    Have at least a 3rd class Medical Certificate

    Log at least 50 hours of cross-country time as PILOT IN COMMAND (PIC)

    Log at least 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument time

    At least 15 hours of instrument flight training

    At least 3 hours in preparation for the Practical (flight) Test.

    One cross-country flight under IFR, distance of at least 250 NM

    Pass a Knowledge (written) and Practical (flight) Test

    Van Nuys Flight School Instrument Rating
  • Instrument Rating Flight Training Van Nuys:

    Here is our process for the instrument rating:

    1. Decide on a timeline.
    14 day accelerated course or weekly lesson? Your call.

    2. You reserve your spot
    If you decide on the accelerated course please be aware that this will take some advance planning and scheduling.

    3. Complete all requirements FAR 61.65 d) 1)
    You need to arrive with all requirements met, including the completion of the Instrument Knowledge Test and all required prerequisite flight time of FAR 61.65 d) 1).
    We then email some homework to you. You will receive our checklist, some flight plan assignments etc.
    There will be telephone / online / zoom interactions before you start.

    4. Flight Training
    Your flight training will be scheduled according to your request, accelerated or just part time.

    No pre-payment is required.

  • FAQ:
    Can I start without having the instrument rating knowledge test completed?
    You could, however... you would likely be wasting time and money, in our 27 year experience this has never been a good idea.
    I have already started training, can I finish it in 10 - 14 days?
    If your partial instrument training was recent and of high quality it is possible, we have seen it done.
    Can I bring my own airplane to train in?
    Maybe. That depends on the aircraft, its condition and equipment. Please inquire.
    Can I train in a glass cockpit?
    You can train in both analog and glass cockpit setups. Our simulator can be reconfigured to reflect the cockpit of your choice.
    Van Nuys Flight School Cockpit

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