California Flight School Instrument Rating

  • Instrument Rating Prerequisites:

    Hold at least a private pilot certificate

    Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language.

    Have at least a 3rd class Medical Certificate

    Log at least 50 hours of cross-country time as PILOT IN COMMAND (PIC)

    Log at least 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument time

    At least 15 hours of instrument flight training

    At least 3 hours in preparation for the Practical (flight) Test.

    One cross-country flight under IFR, distance of at least 250 NM

    Pass a Knowledge (written) and Practical (flight) Test

    Van Nuys Flight School Instrument Rating
  • Instrument Rating Flight Training Van Nuys:

    Here is our process for the instrument rating:

    1. Decide on a timeline.
    Some months may already be completely full, please reserve in advance.

    2. You reserve your spot
    There is a small non-refundable deposit (it will however be credited to your last flight).
    You will sign our liability release etc.
    We then make your final practical test appointment and reserve an aircraft and instructor.
    You need to start your training at least 21 days prior to the final test date.

    3. Complete all requirements FAR 61.65 d) 1)
    You need to arrive with all requirements met, including the completion of the Instrument Knowledge Test and all required prerequisite flight time of FAR 61.65 d) 1).
    We then email some homework to you. You will receive our checklist, some flight plan assignments etc.
    There will be a couple of phone / online / zoom interactions before you start.

    4. Flight Training
    Your flight training (if you choose full time accelerated) consists of two flight sessions and one simulator session per day.
    At times there may be two simulator sessions and one flight, depending on the instructor's requirements.

    We use C172N/P and C172SP, at this time $155- $179/hr aircraft rental and $80 for instruction.
    Some aircraft have a GTN650 and dual Garmin G5's, others are pure analog with Garmin 430.

    You will be charged for each session, no pre-payment is required.
    The FAA DPE fee is $800 to $1000 depending on who is available, paid directly to the examiner.

  • The cost for the instrument rating is affected by a lot of factors.

    - the airplane you choose

    Instrument Rating Simulator
    - how many instruction hours you require.

    - how well you study and how talented you are (and therefore how many instruction hours you require)

    - the time frame you complete the training in is a factor, training more frequently completing the rating within a few weeks is more efficient.

  • FAQ:
    Can I start without having the instrument rating knowledge test completed?
    No. You would be wasting your time and money, in our 26 year experience this has never been a good idea.
    I have already started training, can I finish it in 10 days?
    If your partial instrument training was recent and of high quality it is possible, we have seen it done.
    Can I bring my own airplane to train in?
    Maybe. That depends on the aircraft, its condition and equipment. Please inquire.
    Can I train in a glass cockpit?
    You can train in both analog and glass cockpit setups.
    Training at least partially in an analog world is extremely valuable.
    Van Nuys Flight School Cockpit
    Van Nuys Flight School Cockpit
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