Our AATD and BATD Flight Simulators in Los Angeles / Van Nuys:

FAA approved AATD and BATD (for training and maintaining currency)

Our AATD glass cockpit simluator allows you to log up to 50 hours towards the commercial pilot certificate.

The BATD approved simulator comes with triple screen visuals and touch screen monitor. G1000 glass cockpit, classic cockpit setup or GTN750 with Garmin G5 HSI hybrid setup.

AATD: Per the FAA 61.129(i) you can log up to 50 hours towards your commercial pilot certificate, up to 20 hours towards your instrucment rating.

BATD: Per the FAA FAR 61.65 a maximum of 10 hours of instrument time received in a basic aviation training device may be credited for the instrument time requirements.

All FAA approved flight simulators are accompanied by a FAA approval letter for the instrument training and instrument tasks that may be performed in the device, as well as the logging of hours towards the commercial pilot certificate.

Visual Simulator and procedure trainer

Flight simulator with three 55" HD screens. Detailed Southern California scenery.

Excellent tool for emergency procedures, cross country navigation simulation etc.

While this is not a FAA approved device and cannot be logged as such, it does feather the same professional and FAA approved Xplane software to match the BATD.

AATD Simulator

Our simulators can be setup for G1000 glass cockpits, analog traditional cockpits as well as partial glass cockpits.

Van Nuys Flight School Simulator
  • Aircraft available for Instrument Rating Flight Training:

    Our instrument rating course is according to FAR part 61. FAA approved AATD, BATD and customized PC simulators / procedure trainers are extensively used.

  • We specialize in flight training from Private Pilots to Commercial pilots.

    Earn your pilot certificate with us in Van Nuys and take advantage of our decades of experience.

    Our fleet of modern state of the art aircraft and flight simulators are here to help you achieve your goals.

    Send us and email with your questions and a flight instructor will get in touch with you to help you get started.

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