Accelerated Pilot Training Courses

  • Accelerated Flight training:


    50 hours aircraft rental $7,250
    10 hours simulator/procedure trainer $490
    75 hours instructor time $6,000
    TOTAL PRELIMINARY ESTIMATE $12,250 (accelerated) - $15,000, not unusual to see $17k to $18k
    Note: Estimates do not include additional ground instruction where needed. Add approximately $1,500 for books, exam costs and misc.
    Completion Certificate from our ground school or home study program of your choice
    3rd Class Medical or Better, min. age 17 to take the final test

    50 hours aircraft rental approx. $7,250


    30 hours of aircraft rental $4,350
    10 hours of FAA approved BATD simulator $690
    10 hours of procedure trainer time $490
    60 hours of flight instructor time $4,800
    TOTAL PRELIMINARY ESTIMATE $10,330 - $12,000
    Note: Estimates do not include ground instruction. Add approximately $1,500 for books, exam costs and misc.
    Private Pilot Certificate
    50 Hours PIC Cross-Country
    20 Hours of Actual or Simulated Instrument Time Logged
    3rd Class Medical or Better
    Completion Certificate from our Instrument Rating ground school or home study program of your choice


    Flight time to reach 250 hours total time
    Example 100 hours needed to reach qualification level, aircraft rental cost $14,500
    NOTE: 10 of these hours are required to be in a TAA aircraft (technically advanced aircraft)


    10 hours of aircraft rental $1,450
    5 hours procedure trainer $245
    15 hours of flight instructor time $1200
    Note: Estimates do not include ground instruction. Add approximately $1,500 for books, exam costs and misc.
    Private Pilot Certificate
    Instrument Rating
    240 Hours Total Flight Time (to reach 250 during the program)
    100 Hours PIC Flight Time, which includes at least:
    (50 hours in airplanes, 50 hours in cross-country flight of which 10 hours must be in airplanes)
    3rd Class FAA Medical or better

    Van Nuys Flight School Accelerated Pilot Training

Flight Academy Training without the high academy prices

Private Pilot training cost approximation:
50 hours C172N/P ($155/hr)

10 hours of VFR procedure trainer /Sim ($39/hr, included)

20 hours of CFI sim / ground training ($80/hr, included)

60 hours of CFI pre-flight, flight and post-flight instruction, ($80/hr)

Total of $12,550

Full payment up front is NOT required. Pay in blocks and fly off your flight account.

Cancellation / Termination:
Terminate at any time at your own option and receive a refund except for the included simulator and CFI hours, these will be charged at the rates mentioned above on early termination.

Not included:
Books ($250) / Videos (optional, $280) and materials. Charts ($30)/Headset (various, $300)/kneeboard ($10) etc.

Any and all testing fees, medical fee, FAA flight test ($800 at this time), aircraft rental for the flight test (approx $310). Additional ground or flight instruction needed to meet proficiency is not included, charged at the rates in effect at the time. The above total is based on current rates, subject to availability of aircraft / instructor / examiner.

Full time training days, up to three sessions (flight / simulator) per day.

Morning / Mid Day / Evening sessions. Night training on a minimum of three days.

Weather and airport delays are possible, as well as COVID and other health impacts beyond our control.

Private Pilot Knowledge Test passed. All assigned homework completed.

    Prepare for your accelerated training:

  • Medical Exam (required):

    We require that you obtain this exam before the accelerated training starts to avoid potential delays for unexpected reasons.

  • Knowledge Test (required):

    We require that you start and mostly complete the knowledge test before the actual accelerated flight training. This is not necessary for part time training but essential for full time students.

  • Final Flight Test (schedule required):

    It is possible that no flight test appointments are available in certain weeks, you need to plan ahead at least 4 weeks for this.

  • TSA authorization (for non-USA citizens):

    In case you are not a US citizen, the US government agency TSA requires additional processing. This has to be accomplished before the training can start.

    Van Nuys Flight School Accelerated Training

  • Approximate Duration:

    Accelerated Private Pilot finish up 14 day schedule

    Private Pilot 3 weeks to 6 weeks

    Accelerated Instrument Rating 10 days to 3 weeks

    Accelerated Commercial pilot certificate 1 week to 10 days

  • Starting flight training:

    You can start your training with us anytime but we need advance notice to arrange your full time schedule.

    Accelerated flight training courses compress all lessons into a few weeks rather than months, keep in mind that your required preparation for the course is considerable.

    The Do's and Don'ts of accelerated flight training

    Some of the things you (the student) will have to accomplish before arriving for training:

    - Pass your FAA Knowledge Test before you start accelerated training.

    - Complete your IACRA student pilot certificate application

    - Get a freee account on and look at the free online courses

    - Get your FAA medical certificate

    - Complete our homework assignments including aircraft manual quizzes and flight plan assignments

    - Study our maneuver guide and review the FAA ACS Airmen Testing Standards

    - Review our checklists and procedure guides

    - Don't show up unprepared to any of the accelerated flight training sessions

    - Don't make your schedule unrealistically short. Budget additional time for weather and other issues that might come up

    Your full time accelerated flight schedule means completing typically two flights and one simulator session per day.

    For some pilots who may have already had some flight experience and passed their knowledge test our short 14 training day program may be of interest.

    If you are just starting out you may require considerably more time, from four to six weeks depending on the individual.

  • Accelerated Training times:

    Any time during daylight hours, any day, weekends, holidays. Accelerated schedules usually demand several sessions per day.

  • Accelerated Flight School

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