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First Flight Lesson/Introductory Flights $199 - $398

  • Your first flight lesson (also as gift certificate) $199 - BUY IT IN OUR SHOP

  • A two hour flight lesson (also as gift certificate) $398 - BUY IT IN OUR SHOP

  • Aviation schools in Los Angeles: your best choice

    Our Los Angeles Aviation School offers flight training courses from beginners to Commercial pilot and more.

    Typically a student pilot progresses from the Private Pilot Certificate to the Instrument Rating. After that you collect some more flight experience until you qualify for the Commercial Pilot Certificate. We also offer courses to become a Certified Flight Instructor.

    Los Angeles is the ideal place to get started in aviation. This city has all the private, academy and collegiate eduction you need to get started in your aviation career.

    There are many opportunities in aviation companies including pilots for pipeline and powerline inspections, fire and news support, traffic watch, on demand charter in aircraft of just about any size, cargo and passenger commuter and airline jobs.

    You have the option to train full time or part time!

    Usually you get started with an introductory flight if you had no prior flight training experience.

    The two hour discovery flight appointment with your FAA certificated instructor includes one hour aircraft time and departs from the Van Nuys Airport.

    We also offer a more in depth introductory flight package which includes a two hour flight block. You can even bring a guest along to ride in the back (weight restrictions apply)

    Van Nuys Flight School Introductory Flight

    During your introductory flight lesson you are at the controls and will learn first hand what piloting an aircraft is all about.

    The two hour appointment with your FAA certificated instructor includes one hour aircraft time.

    Your experienced flight instructor will share his preflight preparations with you and demonstrate a walk around inspection of the aircraft.

    Then it's time to take your place in the captain's seat performing checklists to start up and taxi the aircraft.

    After the necessary pre-departure checks you will assist the instructor with the takeoff and you can expect to do most of the controlling of the flight. Your instructor will again assist you with the landing.

    We specialize in flight training from Private Pilots to Commercial pilots.

    Earn your pilot certificate with us in Van Nuys and take advantage of our decades of experience.

    Our fleet of modern state of the art aircraft and flight simulators are here to help you achieve your goals.

    Send us and email with your questions and a flight instructor will get in touch with you to help you get started.

    Van Nuys Flight School Introductory Flight

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